My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” - Desmond Tutu

Who We Are


The Known World Project: a collaboration of musicians from all over the world. Organized by Alli Johnson and Dave Ervin, the goal of the project is to create music even in this time of physical social isolation. "Alli and I started this project as a way to keep our sanity and have fun recording songs, all while living in the social distancing lock down of the 2020 pandemic." In the midst of uncertain times, music can be a stronghold, an anchor, both for the makers and the listeners.  We hope to continue this online project and share some music with the world. 


The Collection - The Willow Sessions

We named this ever-evolving and expanding collection The Willow Sessions.  The willow represents strength and resiliency, though the wind may blow, the willow bends and moves with the wind, surviving the storm.  We were inspired by that idea and decided it was a proper way to encapsulate this group of songs.  Not only does the music tell stories of strength, but the musicians that have contributed to this project as well have demonstrated flexibility, resiliency, and commitment to excellence.  We've come together to make music to inspire, to encourage, and to to tell real stories.  Though live shows may be postponed, the beat goes on.    We are all are complex and nuanced, and through artistic expression, compassion, and community, we can create something inspirational.

We hope you enjoy this music.